Detox Your Body with the Lemonade Diet

Detox Your Body with the Lemonade Diet

Weight loss is something that everyone has a hard time with no matter how disciplined or motivated they are. Not only   do you have to balance out your nutritional needs between meals, you also have to count calories, carbohydrates,           sodium and fat. All of this can be overwhelming when all you really want to do is look better and feel better. Although a healthy lifestyle change is required to lose weight and get in shape, it can be hard to overcome addictions to unhealthy foods. The Lemonade Diet is something that can detox your system and give you a new outlook on food,which can help you immensely when it comes to staying on track with healthy eating.

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What is the Lemonade Diet?

The Lemonade Diet is a diet where you will consume a special recipe lemonade drink several times per day for a set number of days. In addition to drinking the lemonade, you will also need to do salt water flushes, which are designed to clean your insides. The special recipe lemonade drink is the only thing you will consume, but don’t worry about starving. Each of the beverages you have will have sufficient calories in them, which means you will still be getting nutrients that you need.

What is the Purpose of this Diet?

This is a diet that is first meant to detox. As you eat unhealthy foods, breathe in polluted air and drink unhealthy drinks, you take in a lot of toxic chemicals. It’s important to give your system a break, especially since it’s working all the time. The special recipe in this cleanse will clean out your kidneys, digestive system, colon and other organs, that have toxic buildup from just living daily life.

The next thing the Lemonade Diet will help with is weight loss. The lemonade recipe is low in calories. Sure, this is difficult to stick with, but it helps you shed extra weight that you would otherwise struggle to lose over the course of days or even weeks. When you are cleaned out and detoxified, you will find that you will be able to process foods much more quickly than before. This can boost your metabolism and result in you losing a lot of weight when you start eating regularly again.

When on this lemonade cleanse your colon will be detoxified as will your kidneys and blood stream. This will result in getting rid of a lot of waste and having fewer pains in your body. Reducing the toxins in your system that don’t belong is something that is extremely important for your health. It will get rid of fat deposits and make you feel healthier than ever before. Just think of how old you are and how many toxins your body has taken in over the years; does this make you think it’s time to clean your system out?

So How Does it Work?

The Lemonade Cleanse is pretty straightforward, so you won’t be confused about what you are supposed to do. Most people go on the cleanse for 10 days, but you can adjust this to 7 if you are more comfortable with that number. You can even extend the program to 40 days or more, but this greatly depends on your health and how you feel. Once you determine how long you’re going to do the cleanse for, you will need to buy all the ingredients for the lemonade.

After you have an ample supply of everything you need, you can make your lemonade whenever you want it. You can drink it as much of the lemonade as you want throughout the day, but you have to have at least six to twelve 8 ounce glasses. This will ensure that you are getting the nutrients that are needed to detoxify and cleanse your entire system. Drink this lemonade throughout the day until you reach the number of days you set in the first step.

Each morning when you wake up you will want to do a salt water flush with 2 teaspoons of sea salt and a liter of lukewarm water. This isn’t going to taste good, but it will definitely clean your system. The herbal laxative tea should be consumed in the morning after your  flush is complete and at night a couple of hours before you go to bed.

Ingredients and Recipe

What you need for this recipe is: cayenne pepper, purified water, grade B maple syrup, fresh lemons, uniodized sea salt and herbal laxative tea. It’s best to buy these in bulk so that you don’t have to constantly run out to the grocery store to pick them up. The recipe is made by mixing 1/2 of a lemon with 1-2 tablespoons of the maple syrup. From here, add in 1/10 tsp cayenne pepper and 8 oz of purified water. After this is all well-combined, you will be ready to drink it.

When Your Time is Up

When your time on the Lemonade Diet is up, you will start drinking 4 ounces of orange juice combined with the same amount of fresh water. On the second day you will be able to drink fresh vegetable broths with small amounts of root vegetables. On the third day you can have orange juice, soup and vegetables in addition to drinking a lot of water. The fourth day will be orange juice in the morning, vegetables for lunch and fruit or salad for dinner. On the fifth day you can eat more, but you need to cut out junk foods, coffee, tea, flour, processed foods, etc.

Difficulties to Prepare For

- After being on this diet for a few days you will have fewer hunger cravings, but it can be difficult to get used to not eating. When cravings strike it’s important to remember why you’re doing this and how it’s going to benefit you in the long run.

- Stay close to a bathroom when doing the saltwater flush and drinking the laxative teas. Give yourself around two hours in the morning and at night before you are going to do regular activities.

- Buy the right ingredients and make the recipe correctly. This is extremely important if you want to really detox your body and benefit from this diet.

Struggling to lose weight and get healthy is something most people can understand. If you can get through this diet, then you will be doing your body a huge favor. When you’re finished you will feel a lot better and you won’t have those horrible cravings for junk food any longer. It will be like resetting your appetite for the better, which can start your life of healthy living off on the right foot.


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