Apr 2, 2013

What to Expect with the Detox Cleanse Process

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Going through the detox Master Cleanse Diet process with the Master Cleanse program is a unique, rewarding and special experience. In order to go through this diet effectively, you have to make sure you do it properly. The first step is to get the right ingredients, the next step is to use the salt water flush and the last is to make sure you get off the diet in the right way. All of these things will detoxify your system and make you feel and look better than ever. You will have more energy than ever before once you’ve finished the Master Cleanse!

How to Get Started

To perform the detox Master Cleanse, first you will need to purchase the supplies for the Master Cleanse lemonade, which include:

- 8 ounces of purified H2O
- 1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper
- 2 tablespoons lemon juice
- 1-2 tablespoons pure grade B maple syrup

Mix these together in a glass and drink 8-12 times per day. It’s best to use organic lemons because these are grown without chemicals and pesticides, which we are trying to eliminate.

You will need to make sure you have the right amount of ingredients for the days you plan on going on this diet. For example, if you are going on the Master Cleanse detox for a week, you will need 28 lemons, 56-112 tablespoons maple syrup, up to 14 teaspoons cayenne pepper and 14 liters of purified water.

For the salt water flush you will need:

- Uniodized sea salt (1-2 teaspoons per day)
- 1 liter warm H2O (per day)

You will shake these together in the morning when you wake up and then drink it in full. After this you will have bowel movements within the hour, which should last for around an hour or so, especially during the first few days. You should also drink herbal laxative teas in the morning and at night if you want to increase your elimination and detoxification. The tea should not have any sugars or flavors in it, so make sure you read the product package before you use it.

During the Detox

In the begining of the detox Master Cleanse you are going to be hungry and tired. This is because you are not eating and  you’re cleaning out your body. You may also find that you have  more eliminations than you thought you would. This is often the hardest time to get through because it’s the most mentally challenging.

If you are able to stick it out with your lemonade and salt water flushes during those first few days, then you will get a lot better after that. Once your system has adjusted to the liquids and flushes, you won’t have as many hunger cravings. In fact, you won’t even crave foods once you are used to drinking the lemonade only. It’s just important to drink as much as you need so that you don’t feel sick or hungry.

Strong will power is absolutely necessary when it comes to getting through the time you are detoxing. Your body is going to expel a lot of toxins, chemicals and waste that have been stored up for a considerable amount of time. This will result in you feeling  lighter and more energetic as well. You will lose weight, but the best part is feeling so much better because you’re not heavy with so much waste.

After the Detox

On the first day after eating, your stomach might seem a little bit different, but it shouldn’t get irritated if you dilute your orange juice enough. Once you get solid foods into your body you should find that they get digested quickly and that your stomach isn’t heavy like it used to be. Most people have quite a bit more energy once they start eating . Because of the detox, they feel better than ever, even once they start eating.

It’s important that you monitor everything you eat after the detox diet cleanse is over. This means no junk foods and only natural foods that are good for you. These will nourish your body and will ensure that it doesn’t get backed up with chemicals and toxins. If you start eating junk food again you will have bathroom issues and you won’t feel great either, so why eat it?

Your outlook on life and on food is going to be more positive than it was before you started this detox diet. Instead of craving a bunch of junk food you will crave natural foods, like fruits and vegetables. These will provide you with a lot of energy and will give you a natural feeling of positivity.

Post by Mandy James

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